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February 02, 2022


Staples Statement Following Trip to Southern Border


ALPHARETTA, GA – Mallory Staples, candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, traveled to McAllen, Texas last weekend, where she toured the Southern border and learned from experts on border law enforcement and election integrity. The event she attended was organized by the Take Action Tour, a group that seeks to shed light on the domestic security and humanitarian crisis created by Biden and Harris at our Southern Border.


“My trip to the Southern border was an incredibly eye-opening experience. There’s simply no way for anyone to understand the situation occurring on our Southern border without going there to witness the humanitarian crisis first hand. It’s no wonder Kamala Harris refuses to visit the Southern border, she has already given up on solving this crisis and believes that by allowing more illegal immigrants she hopes to bolster her voting base as she prepares for a failed run for the presidency in 2024. 


While the radical left in Washington D.C. continues to ignore Americans affected by our border crisis, I went down and witnessed the grip the Mexican cartels have on the smuggling industry and witnessed countless illegal immigrants attempting to cross the river day and night. What I witnessed was a daunting reality for our Customs and Border Protection who are overworked and underappreciated. I was heartbroken to hear that they have had 32 suicides within their ranks, displaying just how mentally taxing it can be to stand guard at our Southern border. 


We’ve also seen the effects of this out-of-control border in our own communities, with criminals shipping dangerous drugs like fentanyl that are causing adults and children to overdose at rates we haven’t seen in decades. We must put an end to the crisis at our border, and the drug abuse crisis plaguing our communities and taking our sons and daughters from us. This trip only reinforced who I’m fighting for and what must be done to save our country from the radical left. I intend to take this knowledge with me along the campaign trail and to Washington when we take back the House this November so that I can be an effective legislator from day one.” 




Mallory Staples is a strong, conservative woman who is ready to reset the American government against radical ideals such as critical race theory, defunding the police, and open borders. She has had enough. Mallory believes that now is the time for Americans to stand up for our country, stop apologizing for our beliefs, and protect our way of life.

Her children have inspired her to run for Congress. Mallory intends to protect the American Dream for them and future generations by fighting for the values of freedom, hard work, personal responsibility and faith in God.

As a true “Georgia Peach”, Mallory was born and raised in Stone Mountain, attending Redan High School and then going on to attend the University of Georgia, where she graduated in 1994. She and her husband Brad have three beautiful children- James, Reagan and John (along with a multitude of family pets).




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