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May 1, 2022


Mallory Staples Wins Atlanta Press Club Debate

Outsider candidate brings Congressional-level performance to stage

ATLANTA, Ga. – Today, Mallory Staples released the following statement on her victory in the Atlanta Press Club / Georgia Public Broadcasting Loudermilk-Young Debate for the 6th Congressional District Republican Primary. 


“Today, I was proud to stand on my record—as a mother, as a former teacher, as a small business owner, as a Christian with over 30 years of ministry experience, and as a candidate of the people,” said Staples. “I am running to represent the people of the 6th district in the way our Founding Fathers intended: as a reluctant leader. Washington should be a sacrifice - that’s the type of leader we need. This isn’t something I’ve built my resume for or steered my life towards; we’ve already had that type of leadership and it fails every time.” 


In the debate, Staples discussed her background as an educator and homeschool parent, highlighting her unrelenting commitment to parents rights in the teaching of their children.


During the second round, Staples posed a key question to Jake Evans, citing his statements on the record against President Donald Trump in 2016 and 2018, and how those statements are inconsistent with his rhetoric in this race. Staples made the following statement in response to Evans’ non-answer:


“Your words are your words. We are all candidates here—most of us haven’t held office before, so we don't have a voting record yet. But each of us does have a background. And yours is a disqualifying story of flip-flopping and opportunism.


You have a background that contradicts the words and promises we've heard today and on the campaign trail — you're asking us to believe your promises and ignore your background. We’ve done that for politicians before, but Georgia’s voters won’t make that mistake this year."


The full video of the debate can be viewed here.




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